Nora Reardon Riding Instructor "Join me for a bit of riding." Canton Equestrian Center, 1095 Randolph St., Canton, MA 02021  617-875-0356


Please contact me if you would like pricing, to schedule an appointment or to learn more about merit badge requirements. You can reach me on my cell phone at 617-875-0356 or send me an e-mail at Scouts must be dressed in acceptable riding attire.


Tiger Cubs
Learn About an Animal Elective  
Unmounted, learn about horses.

Fitness Family Activity  Ride a horse.

Wolf & Bear Cubs
Outdoor Skill: Beginner Rider  Ride a horse.

Boy Scouts
Horsemanship Merit Badge
Attend a full day of Equine Science, groundwork, and receive a basic horsemanshi
p riding lesson.
Horsemanship Badge
Outdoor Skill: Horseback Rider  A series of lessons to achieve the next level in the basic fundamentals of horsemanship.  


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